Evan Hiller

//Pedal steel

Cameron Gentry Iturri-Carpenter //Guitar 

Nathan Smith


Stephen Boyd             Ryan LoPilato

//Drums                       //Voice, Guitar   

From a young age songwriter of Credit Electric, Ryan LoPilato wrote songs to "sing out the lightness of the things in life we find dark." His first solo moniker Haunted Houses was summoned through surrealist automatism, creating a sound focused around raw and improvised one take recordings of guitar, keyboard and voice the Fader describes as a "visceral connection similar to a David Lynch film, where you aren't entirely sure what's going on but still emotionally connect with the characters."

This emotively charged process of writing led to an outpouring of material he wanted to take to full band arrangements.

Relocating from New Jersey to Oakland, CA LoPilato met guitarist Cameron Iturri-Carpenter with whom began to write and collaborate, finding musician and sound engineer Stephen Boyd, Kansas City native Nathan Smith and pedal steel player Evan Hiller to form the bands unique sound.

To credit electric is to credit the electricity interweaving between every person and every aspect of life. That's where the energy funding the sounds of the band arise from.